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"AIR MONKEY is fantastic. Hunter & Tyler went above and beyond what it took to get the job done. Explained every move they made. Very friendly and very knowledgeable. Trustworthy and reliable. They even brought two large portable AC units for our comfort while they replaced our 22 year old system. Their name may be silly, but you'll go ape for AIR MONKEY. I highly recommend them."

-Steve B., May 2019 


"These guys are the best people to work with! They are fast, efficient, and honest. We were paying over $500 a month in the summer for electricity and had to have our thermostat set at 72 degrees just to keep the house cool enough.

Now, after the "Monkeys" serviced us, we are at 77 degrees and it's too cold at times! That last electric bill was under $300! You can't find a better company to keep you cool!

Thanks Monkeys! You have a customer for life!"

-J.L., June 2019

"Tyler worked closely with me to present options for systems to install in my home. Both our original units were not repairable so I was looking at a complete replacement. We looked at the efficiency numbers for the XC25 units and decided to install them. Prior to install, my August/September electric bill was hovering around $400. We installed the XC25s in April/May and my next August/September bill dropped to less than $150. Since installing the units I have yet to have an electric bill over $150 and in the winter months the gas bill dropped from over $160 max to $105 max. For me, these units live up to the efficiency numbers projected."                                          


-Bob P., 2019

"I highly recommend Tyler and his team at Air Monkey!!  Tyler came out to our home because we have had a very bad problem in our master bedroom since purchasing our home in 2002.  It was always much hotter than any other room in the house, easily by 5 degrees or more, especially during the summer months.  Tyler was very thorough while investigating the problem, and even more detailed when devising a plan of action, which he took the time to go over in detail with us.  He was very patient while we took time to consider when and if we would do the project, as it was not a cheap one.  He needed to increase the size of our master intake, replace most of the duct work, and reroute the rest, and replace some very bad a/c equipment.  We finally decided to move forward after a few months of planning financially for it, and Tyler was ready to go with the plan.  His guys were very friendly and professional, and kept our home neat and clean while working, and completely cleaned up at the end of each day.  More importantly, Tyler's plan worked perfectly!!!  The air quality and consistency in our home is incredible, and something my wife and I just resolved in our minds could never happen (we went through a handful of a/c companies before finding Air Monkey).  Tyler is very honest, dependable, and provides great service and products.  And just FYI, we have been using Tyler for regular maintenance for the last year and a half.  Very happy with him and his team!"

-Chad R., May 2019


"To those who might be interested: My wife and I wish to express our totally unsolicited endorsement for the honest service and dedication we received for the complete home heating and cooling system Air Monkey replaced and installed in our home in spite of the many unpredictable issues that had to be solved. Air Monkey met all the unusual challenges professionally and always in our best interest. My wife and I are extremely pleased with the determination they provided on our behalf and satisfaction. 

To the wonderful crew of Air Monkey AC: We want to be perfectly clear how grateful we both are for the remarkable home air conditioning and heating system you installed in our home. We are fortunate to be dealing with a firm with honest integrity and dedication. Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if all businesses would operate so righteously !!! We will continue to enjoy your monkey business always!"

-The Ross', 2017


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